We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Robert B.

Dr. McLendon provides the best doctor/patient interaction one could only ask for. She explains, demonstrates and answers any and all questions. My wife accompanied me for my appointments and Dr. Mclendon was very attentive to my wife's concerns about my new hearing apparatus. I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience with Dr. McLendon and her staff. Chestertown, Md is very fortunate to have an exceptional, kind and Knowledgeable audiologist in Barbara McLendon. I give Dr. McLendon the highest rating possible.

Mike K.

Very nice greeting , very professional staff

explaining what they would do

Complete exam for hearing

I’m 78 and I passed my hearing test, now I just need to concentrate on the conversation .

Should I feel a loss of hearing I will definitely return to the hearing center

Bob C.

Barbara, Stacy, Chris, Renee, Jennifer, and Diamond are great people and total professionals. I have been going to the Hearing Center for years, and cannot recommend them more highly!

Bob M.

I could not ask for anything better for my hearing treatment than Dr. McClendon and her associates. Highest competence, personable, and care to develop friendly relationships with their patients. What's not to like?

Joan B.

Very knowledgeable about the hearing aids that they support. Interested in resolving any issues such as hearing aid adjustments that might be necessary. They understand how to pair the hearing aids with a smartphone to get the most efficient use of them. All of the staff are very pleasant and attentive and resolve problems quickly.

Sherry S., Wye Mills, MD

Great experience! The entire staff is wonderful. I was treated with kindness and respect. Usually going to have my hearing aids is a chore but Barbara, Chris and Jennifer made the experience pleasant. They worked with me to make the appointment as easy as possible during these difficult times. I felt like my hearing and comfort were their top priority. I highly recommend The Hearing Center of Chestertown!

Susie B.

My audiologist is terrific! Very sensitive to my comfort and works patiently to make sure my hearing devices are meeting my needs perfectly. I am thrilled with the positive effects these hearing aids have had on my life. I feel like I have a new found freedom as my improved hearing allows me to participate in social activities and business meetings with confidence. Woohoo!

Susan D.

We had a great audiologist where we used to live but Dr. McLendon (Barbara) is even better. She is thorough, professional, pleasant and courteous and tries to keep the charges as low as possible.

Example: A friend of ours needed hearing aids so Dr. McLendon adapted a pair belonging to a relative who no longer needed them. Chris, the technician, is available for hearing aid repairs.

L B.

I have been a client of HCC for nearly 10 years. I would rank this office as among the best of any audiologist I have had to work with in the 40 years I've been deaf.

Barbara, Chris and Juanita are friendly, accessible, and extremely good at ensuring that I am matched with the best possible hearing aids as someone with a profound hearing loss.

I appreciate that they talk honestly and fairly about the options, pros and cons of the options, and work with meeting my needs and allaying any concerns I might have. They are also able to adjust to unusual situations, such as extensive work and travel overseas, making sure that everything is in tip-top order as well as devising a backup plan just in case.

In addition, I'm impressed that there is zero degree of condescension (as has been my experience with other audiology offices) and zero degree of "hard sell". And their sense of humor is beyond awesome!

Marion I.

The folks in Chestertown are top notch. Very accommodating.

Pamela C.

State of the art diagnostics and treatment for my husband's hearing loss. We're fortunate to have this clinic located in our rural small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Libby W.

Everyone is so kind, caring, and patient in the office. The products they offer are cutting edge - my 92 year old father can finally hear me on the phone. So glad they're right here in Chestertown!

Henry Stringer & Family

A couple of weeks ago while the little granddaughter, age 4, from Virginia was visiting, Pop-pop had her outside playing in and around the corn field and barn. Suddenly rushing inside the house, the little girl asked for a bucket of paint so she could help her Pop-pop paint the barn. Having no paint on hand we made up a small bucket of water with green food coloring and gave it to her to take back outside. We figured she wouldn’t know the difference.

An hour or so later Pop-pop came in, and we asked if all was going well. He said the “baby” wasn’t happy with the colored water, so he had given her some real paint instead. He wanted us to know, as could be expected, it spilled all over her pretty pink outfit, and he made us promise we wouldn’t blame her for getting messy. He admitted it was all his fault and took the blame.

Then he smiled and proudly said, “When I gave her the real paint, she had it in a bucket in her lap and was stirring it up with the brush.” He told us she looked down at the real paint, smiled really big and said, “Now THAT’S how I like it!”

Thanks to you all and your kind efforts Pop-pop finally had his dream come true, a very simple dream of hearing his precious little girl’s words for the first time. He is constantly talking about hearing those first words and it has made him very happy that he is able to “hear” the joys in life that he’d missed out on for so long.

I personally want to thank you for your exceptional kindness and your help getting the hearing aid for him. It has been a blessing in so many ways, not only to the patient, but to the whole family as well. He is very pleased, and we thank you all so very much for everything!


Thanks to all of you, living is more interesting because we impaired ones, “defies,” are enabled to hear life going on around us.

David O.

Wonderful place, last month I got my second set of new hearing aids and I really love them. Everyone there will treat you like family, they are the best. Thanks to each and very one of you.

John C.

State-Of-The-Art professional diagnostics and treatment for my hearing loss.