3 Cheers for Better Access to Hearing Care!

Did you know? Less than 30 percent of Americans aged 70 and older who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, and the rate plunges to just 16 percent among those 20 to 69.

Could lack of access play a part in some cases? Perhaps. The good news is that a proposed bipartisan federal bill may open needed hearing care to more people across the country, helping individuals improve not only their communication but also their overall wellness and quality of life.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul have introduced the Audiology Patient Choice Act, which, per a joint statement, “ensures seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have access to a full range of hearing and balance health care services provided by licensed audiologists.” Get the full scoop in a recent online post by Hearing Health & Technology Matters!
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